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    From DMSeeleysTools USA This Alcoa Marson Poly nut kit is a higher end more heavy duty Rivet Riv Nut hand threaded insert tool and can be used for steel and Aluminum Rivet Nuts with 4 Metric sizes M4, M5, M6, M8. You can tell just by picking this Rivet Nut tool up that it is one of the better quality Riv nut tools. It also has 4 different size nose pieces or threaded rods which seems to be a quality improvement and go the full length through the Riveters head and as seen in the pictures while other riveters do not have full length rods.  


This Rivet Nut tool features a quick-change mandrel and longer
handles for improved leverage and an adjustable stroke,
positive-stop locking feature.

The Poly Tool Rivet Nut Kit is ergonomically
designed, with a forged, heat-treated steel upper handle,
precision die-cast body of high-strength aluminum alloy,
patented fulcrum pin design, and comfortable hand grips.


The Riv Nut tool requires access to only one side of the workpiece. The Riv Nut can be installed after painting or other final finishing operations. Its ideal for materials that can't be tapped or welded and can be used with Aluminum or Steel Rivet Nuts.


 This Higher end Riv nut tool includes 4 different size rods and assorted Steel Rivet Nuts to fit them in the following amounts and Metric Sizes including the case as pictured. It is really a nice Quality tool.                              


         At least six full thread turns, even in thin materials.


        Only one operator is required from one side to use this Riv Nut hand tool.


        May be used as blind fastener or screw anchor.


                      Suitable for small production

             applications or mass production assembly lines.


APPLICATIONS-- You can use the Riv Nut hand tool for automobiles, electric home appliances, electronics, building and construction. works like a rivet but has a threaded center. It's like putting a nut on the other side when only one side of the material is accessible. This also works well for stripped holes as an insert.


Contains: Heavy duty Riv Nut Hand Tool setting tool and 4 different threaded Mandrels  M4, M5, M6, M8  nose piece Rods to match the following Riv Nut sizes in Steel or Aluminum M4, M5, M6, and M8 inserts. Also comes with a case directions and hole drill size chart.

The Riv Nut Tool measures 10" in length and 2 1/2" in width with the handles closed and about 5 inches across from the insert tip to the end of the thumb wheel. 

ALSO Available!  Heavy Duty Stainless steel Riv Nuts @ DMSeeleysTools

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Top Customer Reviews

stars Five Stars

 By Customer on December 9, 2016


Verified Purchase


I have been using these for years. After 14 years I finally had to replace one.


Highly recommended By Stanward S. M. Oshiro on June 10, 2016



Verified Purchase


I purchased this kit, even tho I owned the Marson kit, because just the bits and collets would exceed the cost of this kit.

This kit comes with a high quality case and tools. It also comes with instructions and a chart (which tells you what drill bit sizes to use).

Highly recommended. You will save a lot of time using nut serts where you needed to weld a nut before, or using a blind rivet (and needing to drill them out to remove later). Wish I bought this years ago.


4.0 out of 5 starsExactly how advertised I am very happy with this purchase By Ed Everett on June 13, 2016



Verified Purchase


Exactly how advertised I am very happy with this purchase




5.0 out of 5 starsBlind nut tool By jim galbraith on May 8, 2016


Verified Purchase


Works great love this tool




5.0 out of 5 starsGOOD By MACHINEPACKRAT on March 14, 2016


Verified Purchase




I am a professional service tech, and this is ... By Sherlock on December 12, 2013



Verified Purchase


I am a professional service tech, and this is a well made product, have used it a few times since purchase
and it works very well. When machine thread screws are stripped out in aluminum and steel frames and
doors, this tool will put a new threaded sleeve in the same hole location. This is the same product sold
retail at Fastenal, at a much higher price.


5.0 out of 5 starsAwesome tool. worked perfectly


ByThomas T Petersenon February 24, 2016



Verified Purchase


Awesome tool. worked perfectly. Used it to install a nutsert in a Scout back window to repair the lifting arm.




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