Fully Automatic with 7 PC Metric Size Mandrels

 This is a new fully automatic Rivet nut tool from DMSeeleysTools USA. Because they are soft aluminum the case edges may have some small marks. The aluminum quality case also includes wrenches, Mandrels and an oil and grease container as pictured. Light weight Oil and grease due to shipping rules are not included in the containers.
Mandrels are in the following 7 sizes and are replaceable in these metric. M-3 M-4 M-5 M-6 M-8 M-10 M-12
This is an industrial quality tool in heavy duty high impact plastic to help with weight and has an upper connection hole to hang the tool in a rapid assembly type environment if needed. 

This fully Automatic Rivet Nut Gun is easy to use and works with Stainless steel, Copper, Aluminum and Steel Rivet nuts and of all types. This Professional Rivet nut Gun is suitable for small production applications or mass production assembly lines.

Applicable to all kinds of stainless steel products industries, oven factories, chassis machine factories, furniture factories, cabinet factories, central air-conditioning plants, fastening areas applicable to all types of metal plate and pipe manufacturing industries.

This product replaces the traditional welding nut. No tapping or welding and once in place it has a much better look and is efficient to use.

1 Installation tool is a rotary draw type, fast riveting in all specifications for Steel, Brass Aluminum and Stainless Steel.
2 The installation time is short, the assembly is rapid. 
3 Light weight, installation of rivet nut without lubrication, simple operation, safety, and fast installation.
4 The Mandrel rod replacement is fast and reduces down time. 
5 This Rivet Nut tool is strong and durable with a long service life. You can feel the quality. 
Model: DMS313
Weight: 1.2Kg
Type: single hand: operation type
The riveting force 19K (N)
The number of Metric Mandrels with this Rivet Nut tool: 7 M-3 M-4 M-5 M-6 M-8 M-10 M-12
Application of rivet nut diameter: 
Scope of application: 75 dB 

  • 3500 R.P.M no load speed




DMSeeleys for your Rivet Nut Tools and Rivet Nut insert Fasteners.

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